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Frisian Archaeological Finds:

Updated: Oct 21, 2023


After the deluge: A palaeogeographical reconstruction of Bronze Age West-Frisia (2000-800 BC) van Zijverden, Wilko


Between Dorestad and Kaupang - A study of Frisian-Scandinavian contact and exchange from the 8th to the end of the 10th century. Hansen, Nora Sophia Kamphuis


Cloth as Currency: Clothing and the Naked in Old Frisian Law Keijser, Daan



Frisia and England: the archaeological evidence for connections Hills, Catherine


Old Frisian krocha: Setting Fire with a Coal Pan Lendinara, Patrizia


Provenancing Archaeological Wool Textiles from Medieval Northern Europe by Light Stable Isotope Analysis (δ13C, δ15N, δ2H) von Holstein, Isabella C. C. et al


Settlement History of a Lost Landscape - Archaeological Remains in East Frisia Tidal Flats

pdf Niederhofer, Kai


Supplying the Roman fleet: native Belgic, Frisian and Germanic pottery from Cologne


"The Cover of Cloth, The Concealing Function of Clothing in Old Frisian Law" Keijser, Daan



The Development of (Proto) Disc-on-Bow Brooches in England, Frisia, and Scandinavia

Chapter Title Olsen, VS


The Excavations at Wijnaldum Vol. 2: Handmade and Wheel-Thrown Pottery of the First Millenium AD Nieuwhof, Annet


The Frisians and their Pottery: Social Relations before and after the Fourth Century AD


The Merchants Adventurers and the Continental Cloth-trade (1560s–1620s) Bauman, Wolf R


The Significance of Animals to the Early Medieval Frisians in the Northern Coastal Area of the Netherlands: Archaeozoological, Iconographic, Historical and Literary Evidence


Two Viking Hoards from the Former Island of Wieringen (The Netherlands) : Viking Relations with Frisia in an Archaeological Perspective Besteman, Jan


Waddenland Outstanding: History, Landscape, and Cultural Heritage of the Wadden Sea Region Egberts, Linde and Meindert Schroar



Winsum-Bruggeburen, The First Report on the Excavation an Early Roman Outpost Among the Fristians? Part One: Roman Coins Galestein, MC

Chapter Title


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