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Fatimid Archaeological Finds


A comparative study of the reflection of Shii's contents in the Egyptian Fatimid and Buyid artworks Roudsari, Elaheh Sadat Mirbabaeian and Hossein Shojaei Ghadikalaie


A Late Tenth-Century Fatimid Coin Purse from Bet She'an Kool, Robert et al


Carving techniques of Fatimid rock crystal ewers (10–12th cent. A.D.) Morero, E. et al


Fatimid Ivories in Ifrīqiya: The Madrid and Mantua Caskets between Construction and Decoration "Armando, Silvia"



Fatimid Material Culture in Al-Andalus: Presences and Influences of Egypt in Al-Andalus Between the Xth and the XIIth Centuries A.D. Aljadayel, Zabya Abo


Fatimid woodwork in Egypt: its style, influences and development Al-Sulaiti, Fatema



From Damascus to Denia: scientific analysis of three groups of Fatimid period metalwork


Fustat Finds: Beads, Coins, Medical Instruments, Textiles, and other Artifacts from the Awad Collection Bacharach, Jere L.



Islamic Art in Cairo Prisse d'Avennes, E.



Medieval Ceramic Oil Lamps from Fusṭāṭ Kubiak, Wladyslaw


Robes of Honor in Fatimid Egypt Sanders, Paul


Shiite Connotations on Islamic Artifacts from the Fatimid period (358-567 A.H/ 969-1171 A.D) Preserved in the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo

El Barbary, Mohamed and Aisha Al Tohamy; Ehab Ali


Symbolism in Fatimid Pottery Decorative Arts Hussein, Ahmad Awaad



The Evolution of Inscriptions on Fatimid Textiles Marzouk, Mohammad Abdil Aziz


The Fatimid gold treasure from Cesarea Maritima harbor (2015): preliminary results Kool, Robert and Issa Baidoun, and Jacob Sharvit


The Position of Tiraz in Fatimid Court Talebpour, Farideh


The Role of Flax in Roman and Fatimid Egypt Mayerson, Phillip


Trading Activities in the Eastern Mediterranean through Ceramics between Late Antiquity and Fatimid Times (Seventh-Tenth/Eleventh Centuries) Vroom, Joanita

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