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Etruscan Textiles


An Etruscan Textile in Newark Carroll, DL


Etruscan Dress Bonfante, L



Etruscan women's clothing and its decoration: the polychrome gypsum statue from the 'Isis Tomb'at Vulci Gleba, M


Etruscan Textiles in Context Gleba, Margarita



Linen production in pre-roman and Roman Italy Gleba, M


Textile Production in Early Etruscan Italy: working towards a better understanding of the craft in its historic, social, and economic contexts Gleba, M et al


Textile Production in Proto-historic Italy: from Specialists to Workshops Gleba, M



Tools for textiles: Textile production at the Etruscan settlement of Poggio Civitate, Murlo, in the seventh and sixth centuries BC Cuttler J, et al


Weaving, Writing, and Women: A Case Study of Etruscan Sigla on Loom Weights


Women and the production of ceremonial textiles: a reevaluation of ceramic textile tools in Etrusco-Italic sanctuaries Meyers, GE et al


The World of Etruscan Textiles Gleba, M


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