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Central Asian: Textiles

Updated: Sep 24, 2022


A huge thank you to Lady Sechen Tatar-Un for sharing her research on Mongols with us.


A Female Mongol Headdress in Old Uyghur Secular Documents Nugteren, Hans

International Journal of Old Uyghur Studies


An Analysis of the Central Asian Silks Excavated by Sir Aurel Stein O'Neale, Lila M. and Dorothy F. Durrell


Archeological Textiles Newsletter issue 53: 10th Century AD textiles from Female Burial Ll-301 at Gnezdovo, Russia Nskaya, olga Orfi and Tamara Pushkina



Clothing Authority: Mongol attire and textiles in the socio-political Complex

Book Herold, Ulrikc Halbertsma


Commodity and Exchange in the Mongol Empire: A Cultural History of Islamic Textiles

Book Allsen, Thomas T


Common Mongoliс Lexis Denoting Clothes and Headgear in The Secret History of the Mongols Mazarchuk, Anna V


"Colour in Context: Status Indicators and Elite Dress in Pre-Islamic Central Asia" Kidd, Fiona and Elizabeth Baker Brite


How the Residents of Turfan used Textiles as Money, 273-796 CE Hansen, Valerie


Nomadic Textile Arts: Textile artifacts from the collection of Dulamsuren Sukhee Ulambayar Erdenebat Anthony, David W.


Origins of Central Asian silk ikats Hann

The Research Journal of the Costume Culture


Recently Discovered Textiles Woven in the Western Part of Central Asia before A.D. 1220


Silk and Cotton Textiles from the Central Asia that Was Mellor, Susan




pdf Yatsenko, Sergey A.


Style from the Steppes, Silk Costumes and Textiles from the Liao and Yuan Periods 10th to 13th Century Rossi, Anna Maria and Fabio Rossi



Textiles as Money on the Silk Road? Wang, Helen


The Insect Dyes of Western and West-Central Asia Donkin, R.A.


13th-14th century Yuan and Mongol silk-gold textiles : transcultural consumption, meaning and reception in the Mongol empire and in Europe Lunde, Kristin Scheel


When Silk Was Gold, Central Asian and Chinese Textiles Watt, James C.Y., and Anne E. Wardwell


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