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Byzantine Archaeological Finds

Updated: Dec 26, 2021


Byzantine Belt Ornaments of the 7th and 8th Centuries in Avar Contexts Daim, Falko



Byzantine coins in Viking-Age Northern Lands Jankowiak, Marek


Byzantine Glazed Pottery at Corinth to c. 1125 Sanders, Guy Dominic Robson



Byzantine Glazed Ceramic Tableware in the Collection of the Detroit Institute of Arts

Bulletin of the Detroit Institute of Arts Armstrong, Pamela


Byzantine Polychrome Pottery Rice, Talbot


Byzantine Trade, 4th-12th Centuries: The Archaeology of Local, Regional and International Exchange Mango, Marlia Mundell



Finds of Byzantine Origin from the Early Urban Centre Gnezdovo in the Light of the Contacts Between Rus' and Constantinople Eniosova, Natalia and Tamara Puskina


Hoards and Hoarding Patterns in the Early Byzantine Balkans Curta, Florin and Andrei Gandila


Late Byzantine ceramics from Arta : some examples Papadopoulou, Barbara et al



Middle and Late Byzantine Jewellery from Thessaloniki and its Region

Byzantine Small Finds in Archaeological Context Antonaras, Anastassios


Nicopolis ad Istrum III: A Late Roman and Early Byzantine City: the Finds and Biological Remains Poulter, A.G.



On The Personal Life Of Objects In Medieval Byzantium Parani, Maria


Societal changes in the Hellenistic, Roman and early Byzantine periods. Results from the Sagalassos Territorial Archaeological Survey 2008 (southwest Turkey) Kaptijn, Eva et al


The Archaeological Context of Magic in the Early Byzantine Period Russell, James



The Byzantine Shops at Sardis Crawford, J. Stephens



The Great Palace of the Byzantine Emperors and the Walker Trust Excavations


The Velestino Hoard: Casting Light on the Byzantine Dark Ages

Book Curta, Florin and Bartomiej Szymon Szmoniiewski

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