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Sex & Gender: France

Updated: Dec 4, 2022


Fifteenth-Century French Women's Role Names Harrison, Anne Tukey


Figures of Female Militancy in Medieval France Solterer, Helen


Gender and Genre in Medieval French Literature Gaunt, Simon



Marriage, Lordship and the 'Greater Unfree' in Twelfth-Century France Berkhoffer III, Robert F.


Pregnancy and Childbirth in Twelfth-and Thirteenth-Century French and English Law


Public’ aspects of lordly women’s domestic activities in France, c.1050–1200

Chapter Title LoPrete, Kimberly A.


Ravishing Maidens: Writing Rape in Medieval French Literature and Law Gravdal, Kathryn



Sexual Relations and Marriage in Later Medieval Normandy Finch, AJ


Surviving Poverty in Medieval Paris: Gender, Ideology, and the Daily Lives of the Poor

Book Farmer, Sharon


The Beguines of Medieval Paris: Gender, Patronage, and Spiritual Authority

Book Miller, Tanya Stabler


The Opposite of the Double Standard: Gender, Marriage, and Adultery Prosecution in Late Medieval France McDougall, Sara


The Textual and Visual Uses of the Literary Motif of Cross-Dressing in Medieval French Literature, 1200–1500 Wright, Vanessa Elizabeth


Women and Aristocratic Culture in the Carolingian World Garver, Valerie


Women in Frankish Society: Marriage and the Cloister, 500 to 900 Wemple, Suzanne Fonay



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