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Sasanian Textiles


A symbolic analysis of common textile motifs of Sasanid and Buwayhid periods Firouzabad, Abolfazl Sadeghpour




Ancient Iranian Decorative Textiles: New Evidence from Archaeological Investigations and Private Collections Comparetti, Mateo


Archaeological Evidence for Textiles in Pre‐Islamic Iran Kawami, Trudy S


Cotton and Wool: Textile Economy in the Serakhs Oasis during the Late Sasanian Period, the Case of Spindle Whorls from Gurukly Depe (Turkmenistan) Kossowska-Janik, Dominika Maja


Central Asian Textile Motifs in Late Sasanian Art: On the Origin of Some Decorative Elements at Taq-i Bustan Compareti, Mateo


Parand and Parniyān Identified: The Royal Silks of Iran from Sasanian to Islamic Times Melikian-Chirvani, AS


Radiocarbon Dating of two Sasanian Coats and Three Post-Sasanian Tapestries De Moore, Antoine et al


Sasanian Exegesis of Avestan Textile Terms Andres-Toledo, Miguel Angel

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Sasanian ‘Riding-Coats’: The Iranian Evidence Vogelsang-Eastwood, Gillian


Sasanian Textiles Bier, Carol


Textiles in Global Trade: Sasanian Textiles and its Distinctive Motifs Jalali, Maryam


The Fall of Al-Madāʾin: Some Literary References Concerning Sasanian Spoils of War in Mediaeval Islamic Treasuries Shalem, Avinoam


Two Exhibitions in Stockholm and Some Sasanian Textile Patterns Lann, Carl Johan


Women's Robing in the Sasanian Era GOLDMAN, Bernard


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