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Islamic World: Economics


Agriculture in al-Hamdānī's Yemen: A Survey from Early Islamic Geographical Texts


Aspects of Women's Participation in the Economic Life of Later Medieval Islam: Occupations and Mentalities Shatzmiller, Maya


Labour in the Medieval Islamic World Shatzmiller, Maya



Money, Land, and Trade: An Economic History of the Muslim Mediterranean Hannah Nilly



Plagues, Wages, and Economic Change in the Islamic Middle East, 700–1500 Pamukt, Sevket and Maya Shatzmiller


The Islamic Guilds Lewis, Bernard


The Medieval Islamic System of Credit and Banking: Legal and Historical Considerations


The Provision of Public Goods under Islamic Law: Origins, Impact, and Limitations of the Waqf System Kuran, Timur


The Rasa’il Ikhwan al-Safa’ and the Controversy about the Origin of Craft Guilds in Early Medieval Islam Hamdani, Abbas

Chapter Title


The Suqs of Basrah: Commercial Organization and Activity in a Medieval Islamic City Naji, A.J. and Y.N. Ali


Trade Routes, Trading Centers and the Emergence of the Domestic Market in Azerbaijan in the Period of Arab-Khazar Domination on the Silk Road Asadov, Farda



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